The Sensational New 2013 Toyota Avalon Makes World Debut at the 2012 New York International Auto Show

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NEW YORK, (April 5, 2012) – Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. revealed the all-new 2013 Avalon premium mid-size sedan today at the 2012 New York International Auto Show.

2013 Toyota Avalon looks to shed geriatric image

2013 Toyota Avalon looks to shed geriatric image

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Filed under: New York Auto Show , Sedan , Toyota When we read through the press materials for the new 2013 Toyota Avalon , we had to double-check… had we downloaded the release for the wrong car? Because right here it says, “In Sport mode, throttle response is enhanced and steering effort is weighted… to offer a sportier character.” And what’s this about paddle shifters? This is the Avalon, the car that replaced the Mercury Grand Marquis in the hearts, minds and garages of Florida retirees. But yes, we had the right car. Apparently Toyota is serious about developing more interesting and youthful products, and it’s off to a good start with the Avalon, based on what we have heard and seen at the New York Auto Show today. The car was developed, styled and engineered in the United States, and it will be built here too, at Toyota’s Georgetown, KY, plant. While that doesn’t mean much without a product that can deliver the goods, we like most of what we see. From the A-pillar on back, the new Avalon looks long and sleek and seems to have a lot of BMW inspiration in its design.

Next Toyota Avalon spied wearing its sleek new shape

Next Toyota Avalon spied wearing its sleek new shape

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Filed under: New York Auto Show , Spy Photos , Sedan , Toyota We got our first glimpse at what the 2014 Toyota Avalon may look like thanks to a an artists rendering that appears to take some creative license. The teaser really only shows us that Toyota wasn’t kidding when it said it was taking the Avalon upscale, with a dramatic, sloping roof line that conjures thoughts of the Audi A7 . The Avalon is only days from its world premiere on the big stage at the 2012 New York Auto Show , but we have some spy shots that tell us even more. The photos show us what we already knew; that the artist rendering isn’t exactly representative of reality. But the pics also show that the sleek roof line and vastly reworked proportions are very real. The Avalon prototype has enough protective cladding to give the Storm Chasers tank a run for its money, but we do see what looks like a very different front fascia, LED taillights and a pair of impressive chrome-tipped exhaust outlets. From the rear, we get a better sense of how the sedan will look, and it appears there may be some tape covering up the lines that would tell us if these prototypes are in fact hatchbacks. Spy photos were also taken of the reworked interior, but the insides were also covered up beyond recognition. We are able to see an attractive leather steering wheel and completely reworked redundant controls. We can also see expensive-looking french stitching above the gauge cluster, as well as upscale gauges themselves.

Next Toyota Avalon to best Fiat 500’s fuel economy?

Next Toyota Avalon to best Fiat 500’s fuel economy?

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Filed under: Sedan , Hatchback , Toyota , Fiat The Fiat 500 is 139 inches of A-segment fury, with a heaping dose of cute and a dash of fuel efficiency. In fact, the manual transmission-equipped cinquecento averages 33 miles per gallon in mixed driving, which is better than most things on the road. Impressed? Toyota isn’t. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Japanese automaker told dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in Las Vegas, NV recently that the next generation Avalon will get better fuel economy than the wee Fiat. Since the current generation Avalon is five feet longer and considerably wider than the 500, that’s an impressive claim. Heck, the Avalon is bigger than the Camry , and buyers currently have to step into a Camry Hybrid model to surpass the fuel economy numbers of the pint-sized Fiat. The sky-high fuel economy of the Avalon wasn’t the only good news Toyota delivered to dealers. The automaker reportedly informed the car-selling audience that 19 new models were coming in 2012. Next Toyota Avalon to best Fiat 500’s fuel economy?

Toyota Announces Pricing for 2012 Avalon

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TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 11, 2011 – Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc. today announced manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) for the 2012 Avalon sedan.

Customer FAQs for Toyota/Lexus Crankshaft Pulley Recall

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Toyota shows next Avalon to dealers, rumors suggest it looks like A7, XJ

Toyota shows next Avalon to dealers, rumors suggest it looks like A7, XJ

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Filed under: SUV , Hatchback , Toyota , Motorcycle When we think Toyota Avalon , phrases like ‘social security’, ‘medicare’ and ‘Denny’s Grand Slam’ come to mind. The reason? The majority of Avalons out on the road are driven by old folks and curtain rod salesman, but a report from Automotive News suggests that this could all change in the very near future. In its report, AN claims that the next Avalon was shown to Toyota dealers in June, and the employees loved what they saw. The large sedan will reportedly undergo a massive redesign that will morph the Avalon from a granny-glider to a curvy stud, with design comparisons already being made to the Audi A7 and the Jaguar XJ . Sure, Toyota dealers typically spend their work days looking at the Yaris and Corolla , so their design eye could be muddied a bit. But at the very least, the next Avalon should be very different from the model we know and ignore today, and that should be a welcomed change of pace. Speaking of the Yaris and Corolla, AN states that both models are slated for redesign. The new Yaris will arrive this fall with more aggressive styling and a bit more interior room. The Corolla will also get a heavy refresh for the 2012 model year, though the more thorough overhaul will likely come in the spring of 2014.

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