Toyota to Fund Film with Kentucky Commission on Women

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FRANKFORT, Ky. – (March 18, 2014) – Kentucky’s place in the history books is often held by men: Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Henry Clay and Muhammad Ali, to name a few.

Toyota wants Intel inside its future cars

Toyota wants Intel inside its future cars

November 12, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Filed under: Etc. , Technology , Toyota , Infotainment Here’s a fun fact: According to Mobile Future, the connected car is the third-fastest growing technological device in the world, falling only behind smart phones and tablets . If that’s not proof that personal transportation is falling ever more heavily into the appliance realm, we don’t know what is. Toyota is looking to get ahead of that trend by partnering with Intel on a joint research project designed to yield its next-generation of infotainment systems. Intel says that the company has been researching vehicle connectivity for years now, and that it hopes the new partnership with Toyota will produce more seamless smart phone integration. That makes two of us. But the project won’t just focus on improving current technology. Intel also says that the two corporations will investigate ways to integrate vehicles with owners’ homes. What does that mean, exactly? We have no idea, and chances are it will be at least a year or two before we find out.

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